The Best AAA Alternative For Roadside Assistance: Top 5 Options

We love a good road trip, but regardless of whether you are hitting the open road or driving around town, having reliable roadside assistance is essential for every driver. And while AAA has long been the industry leader, more and more people are looking for a AAA alternative to roadside assistance.

Fortunately, AAA is far from the only option. In this comprehensive comparison, we aim to highlight the top AAA alternatives and help you find the best roadside assistance service to meet your needs.

Consider The Best AAA Alternatives

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an eco-conscious driver, or just looking for the best value, we’ve included an in-depth analysis of the top roadside assistance brands below. There are fantastic AAA alternatives that you may have never heard of until now. These are our favorite brands:

  1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance
  2. Better World Club
  3. Allstate Motor Club
  4. Travelers Roadside Assistance
  5. National General Motor Club

Let’s dive in and discuss how we compared these brands.

AAA alternative comparison.

Methodology – Three Key Considerations

There were three main considerations we researched in reviewing AAA alternatives:

  • Pricing & Value
  • Coverage Options
  • Customer Service

There were a few other one-off factors that we considered, such as whether the service is available as a standalone offering (as opposed to an insurance add-on), and we will note those items along the way.

Based on our review, we identified five companies that are viable AAA alternatives for you to consider. In total, there are more than 20 companies offering roadside assistance services.

Most of those services are offered as vehicular insurance add-ons, so you can check with your insurance provider if you aren’t sold on the services below. Still, there are compelling reasons to use a dedicated service like Good Sam or Better World Club, which we will highlight below.

Best AAA alternatives

Top Alternatives to AAA – 5 Roadside Assistance Options

Without further ado, here is our list of the top AAA alternatives. In short, we recommend sticking with a dedicated service, but we also share some of the best programs run by legacy insurance companies.

Nearly all of these companies offer tow services, jump starts, fuel delivery, lockout services, tire changes, and some level of trip interruption. Still, not all services are created equal.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam finds its way onto our list because it is an awesome value, but that doesn’t mean that we recommend you choose the cheapest option. The Platinum Complete Service comes with Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Coverage, as well as Emergency Medical Assistance.

Both of these services are fairly unique when it comes to Roadside Assistance. For instance, the way most flat tire service works is that a technician will replace a flat tire with a spare or tow you to the nearest service center. In these instances, the member is responsible for the cost of tires, mounting, parts, labor, etc.

The Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Coverage, on the other hand, pays for the repair or replacement of damaged tires and wheels (upon meeting certain criteria, of course). This is different from traditional flat tire service and a major upgrade.

And with Emergency Medical Assistance, if you have a medical emergency while traveling, Good Sam Platinum Complete will connect you to doctors, hospitals, and more. They accomplish this through an Emergency Medical Response Center.

More About Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Besides the above notable benefits, Good Sam Roadside assistance is known for two other things. For one, they don’t place arbitrary mileage limits on how far they will tow you. Who wants to be bound by a 7-mile tow radius? No one.

The good news here is that Good Sam will take your vehicle to the nearest service center willing and able to make necessary repairs. The downside is that if you would prefer to go to a different location or your home, you will pay a mileage fee for the distance you travel beyond the nearest service center.

The other thing that Good Sam is known for is roadside assistance for RVs. Not every company offers that coverage. But regardless of whether you have a traditional vehicle or an RV, Good Sam is a great AAA alternative.

Tow Service

Better World Club

For those interested in an AAA alternative that puts values first, Better World Club is the answer. For starters, all of its roadside services are 100% carbon neutral. In fact, they’ll even offer you a discount if you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.

How is Better World Club carbon neutral? They purchase carbon offsets for their users.

Here is another interesting fact about Better World Club. It’s the only nationwide roadside assistance service for bicycles! Sustainability is at the heart of everything the company does. Bicycling is a healthy mode of transportation, and it’s also eco-friendly.

Aside from the massive sustainability initiatives, Better World Club offers great service. They have an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and offer all of the essential services.

Of course, they don’t offer Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Coverage or Emergency Medical Assistance. They do offer tow services, jump starts, fuel delivery, lockout services, flat tire changes, winching, and trip interruptions.

Comparing Better World Club to AAA – Head to Head

Better World Club knows they are an AAA alternative, so they offer an AAA pricing match. Since AAA doesn’t have national pricing, Better World Club has a simple sales pitch. You pay the AAA rate if it beats the Better World Club rate.

Better World Club usually charges a sign-up fee for new users, but they will wave that, too, if you switch over from AAA.

Beyond that, Better World Club gives 1% to the environment, but they will charge you a gas guzzler surcharge. Since they offer that hybrid and electric vehicle discounts, the choice is clear for those that are already eco-conscious.

Stranded Car

Allstate Motor Club

Not many companies focus on roadside assistance like AAA, Good Sam, and Better World Club. And while an insurance company drives Allstate Motor Club, you don’t have to have Allstate insurance to purchase their roadside assistance.

Allstate Motor Club offers two levels, Roadside Advantage and Roadside Elite, similar to most other companies. The lower-level Advantage account offers a towing range of 10 miles, while the advanced-level Elite account offers to tow for 100 miles.

Aside from that, Allstate offers the bread and butter roadside assistance services that you expect, including jump starts, fuel delivery, lockout service, and tire change.

Allstate Motor Club’s big selling point is that it is run by a major corporation that knows what they are doing. They offer outstanding service, and it’s a convenient decision if you happen to have Allstate insurance.

You will find quite a few similarities in comparing Allstate Motor Club vs. AAA. Both are reputable brands, but if you are looking for a AAA alternative, consider changing it up with Good Sam or Better World Club.

One last thing worth noting is that both plans offer a trip interruption benefit worth $1,500, which is enough to cover the biggest inconveniences.

Roadside assistance

Travelers Roadside Assistance

Let’s start with the downside of Travelers Roadside Assistance. It is an optional add-on coverage for people with Travelers’ car insurance customers.

Still, like Allstate above, Travelers is the perfect option if you already have Travelers insurance or if you are in the market for new insurance.

The big thing to know here is that Travelers offers two levels of roadside assistance coverage. The upper tier offers trip interruption coverage and personal property coverage, but the lower level does not.

As an AAA alternative, it’s not the most exciting option, but it’s an easy decision for those that are already Travelers’ customers.

National General Motor Club

For those looking for an affordable option, National General Motor Club is a formidable option. And it’s worth noting that the services are still great, even though it’s affordable.

For example, there are no towing or mileage limits. Instead, like Good Sam, National General will tow you to the nearest qualified repair facility. And they also offer emergency expense reimbursement (called Trip interruption elsewhere) of up to $750.

Also, most people don’t use these services anymore but still offer trip-planning benefits like free maps.

Best roadside assistance alternatives to AAA.

AAA Alternative Comparison

Each of the AAA alternatives listed above offers a unique reason to consider their roadside assistance. Travelers and Allstate make sense if you already have insurance with their companies. National General is a great option for those looking for an affordable option.

Still, our favorite AAA alternatives are Good Sam and Better World Club. Good Same offers the best benefits around, especially if you choose the premium option. And Better World Club places sustainability as its top priority.

Common Roadside Assistance Services

Most roadside assistance programs have the same core services. Some, like Good Sam, offer services that go above and beyond. Not sure what these services mean. Here is an overview, but keep in mind you need to read the fine print for your chosen service provider:

Tire Change – While this sounds self-explanatory, it’s important to understand what this service is and is not. Most flat tire services will arrange for someone put your spare tire on your car or tow you to the nearest service center. They don’t usually bring a new tire to your location. For most flat tire services, new tires, parts, and labor will be charged separately.

Tow Service – The distance a service provider will tow you is often the biggest difference between an entry-level plan and a premium plan. Seven miles might be long enough if you never leave your hometown, but if you travel much, we recommend finding a service that will tow you 100 miles. Either that or find a service that will tow you to the nearest service center.

Fuel Delivery – Electric car owners often have “range anxiety,” but the reality is people run out of gas all of the time. When you have a fuel delivery service, a service provider will bring a few gallons of gasoline to you when you run out. Some services include a few gallons for ‘free’ as part of your premium, while others charge you for the gas.

Lockout Service – Life happens. Sometimes you get distracted by the many responsibilities you have. Other times, a kid might lock a door you didn’t want for them to lock. When you have a lockout service, your provider will send a locksmith to your location and help you get into your car. Still, you have to be careful here because some providers make you pay for labor and any replacement keys.

Trip Interruption – If your trip is interrupted by a collision, trip interruption services will reimburse you for reasonable meals, lodging, and car rentals. Exactly what they pay for depends on your plan’s fine print. If you take long road trips, this is worth considering.

When shopping for an AAA alternative, ensure you find a service that at least covers these elements. Cheap can be good, but choosing the cheapest option might cause more heartburn in the long term. Instead, look for the best overall value.

Flat tire service.

Consider Your Specific Needs

In deciding which roadside assistance plan is right for you, consider your specific situation. You might get away with a cheaper option if you drive nearby to your house.

On the other hand, it is worthwhile considering a plan with Tire & Wheel Road Hazard service if you spend much time road-tripping.

And lastly, think about whether sustainability is an important value to you and your family.

The Verdict: Best Alternative to AAA

We recommend Good Sam and Better World Club as the best AAA alternatives. Based on our experience, you should choose Good Sam if you are willing to pay premium coverage like Tire & Wheel Road Hazard service. Choose Better World Club if you are interested in an alternative to AAA focused on sustainability.

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