Making A Home In The Carolinas

We are grateful you want to learn more about Roam the Carolinas. We’ve lived in the Charlotte area for over a decade and consider it our adopted family home. Both of our children were born in Charlotte, and the Carolinas are all that they’ve ever known.

We first met when we were attending a small college in Arkansas. After college, we lived in Little Rock for a while and loved it. Every night, we would go for a walk over the Big Dam Bridge, and on the weekends, we would often hike Pinnacle Mountain. Still, we soon realized our opportunities were limited in Central Arkansas.

After a few years of living in Arkansas, we sought out and found work opportunities in the Charlotte area. The rest is history. Life is a journey, and we are glad that the Carolinas are our home base for that journey.

Exploring The Carolinas

Collage of family adventures - About Roam The Carolinas

Situated within hours of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beaches of North and South Carolina, Charlotte may be the perfect city to call home. When we moved here, we were surprised that many of the South Carolina beaches are closer than those in North Carolina, but that has made for some awesome weekend adventures.

There is plenty to do in Charlotte, and the U.S. National Whitewater Center is one of our favorite places to enjoy some fresh air, but there are so many other places we have enjoyed visiting.

Waterfalls scatter the Carolinas, including the ever-popular Triple Falls, which is so picturesque that multiple movies were filmed with the waterfall as a backdrop. South Carolina’s Table Rock Summit Trail is both challenging and beautiful.

Our favorite beach might be Hilton Head, but Folly Beach near Charleston and the beaches near Wilmington also offer plenty to explore.

We love to visit new cities when we aren’t hiking or swimming in the oceans. Asheville and Blowing Rock are two of our favorite places in North Carolina. Greenville, South Carolina, features a beautiful downtown area and more delicious restaurants than you could visit in one weekend.

Outside The Carolinas

Hiking Jordan Pond Path
Acadia National Park

Now and then, it’s nice to travel outside the Carolinas as well. Our favorite trips are hiking in Zion National Park and visiting Acadia National Park.

Those were two very different experiences. Erin was pregnant with our first child when we visited Zion National Park. The temperatures reached as high as 120 degrees, but we had paid for the trip, and Erin was a tough trooper. We stayed hydrated and in the shade as much as possible, and the experience was well worth it.

Add hiking the Narrows at Zion to your bucket list if you’ve never been. The Narrows is the tightest section of Zion Canyon. The Virgin River runs between canyon walls that are a thousand feet tall but only twenty to thirty feet apart. Much of the hike requires hiking directly up the shallow river, and it is a truly amazing experience.

Years later, we had two kids in tow when we visited Acadia. Acadia National Park and the Bar Harbor area are breathtakingly beautiful. The Gorham Mountain Trail takes you high above the rocky Maine coastline, where you can see for miles. Down below, you can also see Sand Beach, which is beyond rare along the cold Gulf of Maine.

Roam The Carolinas Is About Adventures – Big & Small

Life passes by too quickly. Our kids are getting bigger, and we want to enjoy as many moments as possible. Often that means creating moments by visiting new places and experiencing new adventures. We hope you will take the opportunity to make some new memories too.


Jeremiah & Erin

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