Park Road Park (Charlotte): Complete Guide

Park Road Park is a 100+ acre park located in South Charlotte. The vast acres of green space serve people of all ages and families at every stage of life. 

Visit Park Road Park in Charlotte

Park Road Park is unassuming when you first make your way up the driveway. You might even drive past the entrance without noticing. Still, inside the park, you will a bit of an urban oasis. 

The surrounding neighborhoods are among the most expensive in the Charlotte market. The nearby land is expensive and hard to come by, but the land sits perfectly preserved for all walks of life. 

Art Tree at Park Road Park
Art Tree Near Playgrounds

Sports Fields and Courts

Twelve tennis courts sit across Park Road from the park’s main section.  The tennis courts conveniently sit next to a picnic shelter and a concession stand with restrooms. 

Six softball fields and multiple basketball courts anchor the main section of the park.  You will see the softball fields as soon as you enter the main entrance. While the fields host multiple leagues, they may most prominently host one of Charlotte’s most popular senior softball leagues. 

Talk about stiff competition. It’s a serious league for the young at heart that have always loved the game. Still, they aren’t the only group using the fields. Queens University even called the softball fields home before they built their own field. 

The outdoor basketball courts sit down a hill below the playgrounds. The basketball courts are a popular place for pick-up basketball games. My kids and I recently visited Park Road Park on a Saturday, and I can report firsthand that the courts were full of ballers having a good time. You love to see it. 

Do you like volleyball? While there is only one volleyball court, it is available for anyone that enjoys the sandy sport. The volleyball courts sit near the shelters near the park’s entrance. 

Softball Field
Softball Fields 5 & 6

Nature Trails

A large crescent-shaped duck pond sits in the middle of the park. The pond is surrounded by trails extending to every other section of the park. The pond is peaceful, and, indeed, you are likely to see a few ducks when you visit. 

A small, T-shaped dock extends to the middle of the pond. You will see fountains spraying to the sky in the middle of the pond, on either side of the dock. In the distance, you might hear family picnics or kids playing on the playground. Still, the water is calming and serves as a perfect place to disconnect. 

Simply walking along the trail around the Duck Pond serves as great exercise. If you continue on the trails up to the softball fields or down to the basketball courts, you might be surprised at how hilly the park is. While busy city streets sit just across the treeline, the nature trails at Park Road Park are a great place to experience serenity while also getting your daily steps in.

Nature Trails at Park
Nature Trails Around Lake

Park Road Park Playground

The Park Road Park playground features at least three distinct playing areas, with playground equipment for kids of all ages. The equipment is well-maintained and offers hours of fun. The only bigger playground I’ve seen in the Charlotte area is the playground located at Freedom Park. 

Of note, this playground features three of the craziest slides I’ve ever seen.  Three connected slides feature a rolling slide, a steep (fast) slide, and a bumpy slide that might actually be better for climbing up than it is for sliding down. 

All of the playground equipment is within sight of the rest of the playground equipment. Assuming your kids listen reasonably well, you should be able to watch your younger children while still keeping an eye on your older children. 

As you might expect, the park has multiple swing sets, including a T-Frame swingset that faces the main playground equipment. I found myself pushing my daughter in the swing while watching my son run around with other children. 

Freedom Park may still have the advantage because of the Play-60 play area and the steam engine, but the Park Road Park playground is a nice change of pace. 

Swings At Playground
Swings Near Playground

Neighborhood And Things To Do Nearby

If you drive north from the park, you will cross an intersection from which you can see the top of the skyline a few miles away. Still, this area of Charlotte was once considered the suburbs. 

Nowadays, Park Road runs aside the heart of the South Charlotte triangle. Popular neighborhoods and schools are all close by. Park Road Park serves as a nice anchor to escape the busyness of the surrounding city. 

Where Is Park Road Park?

You will find Park Road Park at 6220 Park Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is only miles from South Park, one of the hottest submarkets in the nation. The park sits between Archdale and the connection from Tyvola to Fairview Road. 

Neighborhoods full of houses surround the areas closest to the park, but retail and food are easily accessible. The mall, various shops, and nearly any type of restaurant you can think of are only a few minutes away.

Bird in Park Road Lake
Bird in Park Road Lake

SouthPark Shopping and Restaurants

SouthPark Mall is a 5-minute car ride from Park Road Park, and it is the largest and most successful traditional mall in the Charlotte area. The mall itself features many stores that aren’t located anywhere else in metro Charlotte. 

Still, our favorite reason to visit is probably the food. The food court is what you might expect from any other mall, but the food options surrounding SouthPark Mall are second to none.

There are local favorites, like The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, and national leaders, like The Cheesecake Factory. Those are just two of my favorite examples, but the SouthPark area features everything in between and beyond, from fast food to high-end steakhouses and even a brewery.

Go to dinner in SouthPark, and then for a stroll at Park Road Park before winding down for the evening. 

Park Road Shopping Center

The Park Road Shopping Center is a little further away but equally as exciting for a different vibe and reasons. There are trendy restaurants galore, and it’s one of my favorite shopping centers to hit up for lunch.

Don’t overlook the backlot. South Charlotte space is so scarce, and Park Road Shopping Center is so popular that site owners have developed several popular restaurant spots behind the main shopping center. Local favorites like Amelie’s and Midwood Smokehouse are great places to eat.

Plus, one surprising secret regarding Park Road Shopping Center is that it is connected to Freedom Park via a greenway. Once ran from Freedom Park to the shopping center via the greenway and met my wife for lunch. Perfect.

But we digress. The point is Park Road Park fits perfectly as a quick stop or as part of a full-day excursion in South Charlotte.

More About Park Road Park

There are plenty of things to do in Charlotte, but going for a stroll in one of its beautiful parks might be at the top of the list. If you happen to be in Uptown, Romare Bearden Park and First Ward Park are worth enjoying. Still, outside of Uptown, Park Road Park is one of the best places to get some exercise.

Park Road Park Playground
One of the Multiple Playsets

Park Road Park Map

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation maintain a fantastic map showcasing Park Road Park. The Duck Pond sits as the centerpiece for the park, and trails connect the different sections. Still, the map is deceptive because the park is massive. You can find a shelter all to your own, secluded from the busyness of the playground or the softball fields.

This park is a fantastic place for birthday parties and family gatherings. Check out the map to see the separate sections of the park. 

Can You Fish At Park Road Park?

The lake at Park Road Park is aptly named Park Road Lake, and it is legal to fish there as long as you have a fishing license. The 5-acre lake reaches as deep as 18 feet in depth. The lake contains stocked catfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill fish. 

You can fish at multiple locations throughout Mecklenburg County, like McAlpine Creek Park, which is one of the favorite local lakes stocked with catfish and other fish. Each park has its own creel limits. The creel limits for Park Road Lake are 6 catfish and 5 bass fish.

Park Road Basketball Courts
Tree-lined Basketball Courts

Is Park Road Park Worth Visiting?

Park Road Park is worth visiting whether you are searching for a walking trail, tennis courts, or a playground for your kids. The expansive park is a beautiful setting and the near-perfect place to forget the nearby hustle and bustle. 

Alongside Freedom Park, Park Road Park is among the best parks in Charlotte.

Jeremiah moved to the Charlotte area with his wife, Erin, back in 2013. The family has grown over the years, and they now call the Carolinas home. They enjoy hiking and adventures, road trips, backyard fire pits, and pizza night. Jeremiah loves to explore, and looks forward to sharing tips, tricks, and resources for your next trip.